• 7 Things to follow before coming to Ukraine

    As it’s correctly said “Before initiating any battlefield, one must check all the weapons”.But it’s not a battlefield, rather it’s more vital than that.It’s all about pursuing medical course in Ukraine. And it’s going to be most delightful six years in anyone’s life,and that’s too important.

    Here I’m to tell you about certain steps before coming to Ukraine.

    1. Right information about the institution and further acknowledges.First you should select the institution which rightly suits on your need.It means you should check the university eligibility criteria at MCI website.It’s most important, after finishing the course,all have to appear for FMGE.

    2. The correct information about the further acknowledges.This includes the fees structure and the way of your admission procedure.The process includes correct visa processing, documentation and all.

    3. You should must have the basic ideas about the life style and basic needs of the nation you are opting for.You should must ask your consultancy about the basic requirements which you need after arriving in Ukraine.

    4. Language:This is one of the most vital aspect.You must confirm that language of instruction should be English. Because may frauds are there who put students in bilingual course or pre-medical course.It’s my personal suggestion that you should learn some general words in Ukrainian language.It will help you a lot.

    5. Precaution from cold: As the temperature here is too low as compared to India. So you must have extra precaution for the same.You should carry warm clothes and put those before arrival.

    6. You should carry books which are going to be taught in first year course.This includes books of Anatomy,Biochemistry and Histology.This will help you as it takes some time to get books issued from university library.

    7. You should have some money with you for your personal expenses.You can carry dollars with you.Also if you are thinking of self cooking , you can carry pressure cooker and spices with you.

    That’s all are some precautions before coming to Ukraine.Otherwise the country is fully secure and you won’t tackle any obstacles here.

    Dr. Chinmay Pandey

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