Study in Argentina

Study in Argentina

Argentina is a republic in South America neighbouring Bolivia, Paraguay,

Uruguay and Chile. In South America, it is the second largest country after

Brazil, and is the eighth largest country in the world, India being the seventh

largest country. It is the largest Spanish-speaking nation of the world. Soccer

is the national game. Argentina is also the member of prominent world bodies

like the United Nations Organisation, World Trade Organisation, etc. It is a

high income country in South America primarily because of its economic

stability and growing high-tech sector. Buenos Aires is the capital city. Due to

its architecture, it is often acclaimed as Paris of the Americas. Argentine Peso

is the currency.

Around 90,000 foreign students enrol to study in Argentine universities each

year. 35% of these students come from US, Asia and Europe. The low tuition

fees, in addition with high quality of education in Argentine universities are

some of the major factors for attracting foreign students to Argentina.

Argentina is a land of tourist attractions. In Parque tres de Febrero in the

Palermo neighbourhood, El Rosedal is a rose garden, which will mesmerise

you with more than 18000 different varieties of roses. You can experience the

country’s earliest ways of life during your visit to Cerro Cuevas Pintadas de

Guachipas, which hosts 33 eaves. You can cycle the wine region of Cafayate,

which is home to vineyards. You can also trek in Pulamarca and Tilcara,

which are home to llamas.

With courses being available in English, it is a preferred destination for

students who want to study experiencing European culture at inexpensive

prices. This becomes evident when it comes to food, as it resembles Italian

food in many ways, with pizza and pasta being very common, even though the

dough used for pizza crust is thicker than that used in Italy.

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Argentina at a Glance

Argentina has a lot of spectacular glaciers, vast plains, rugged mountains and beautiful sandy beaches. The big cities are surrounded by lush greenery and are close to the country’s hills and coasts. It offers a comfortable lifestyle along with a plethora of social opportunities. From kayaking to jet boating, Argentinahas a lot of water sports. It is home to several volcanic cones and is famous for golf.
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Why Study in Argentina?

Argentina has an international reputation when it comes to quality education. It offers courses at all levels from certificates to master’s level. It is a welcoming country and students can work up to 20 hours per week during the courses and 40 hours during holidays. The entry requirements in Argentinaare moderate as compared to other study countries. There are plenty of job opportunities and the visa acquisition process is relatively easier.
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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
  1. 1.University of Canterbury
  2. 2.Lincoln University
  3. 3.Auckland University of Technology
  4. 4.Unitec Institute of Technology
  5. 5.Wellington Institute of Technology
  6. 6.Otago Polytechnic.


Popular Courses
  1. 1.Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  2. 2.Construction Management
  3. 3.Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  4. 4.Information Technology
  5. 5.Hospitality and Tourism Management


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Argentina's Education Cost

The cost of studying in Argentinais comparatively affordable than other countries. Tuition fee depends upon the chosen course and its duration. The cost of an undergraduate degree varies from NZ$ 18,000 and NZ$ 25,000 per year and post-graduation studies cost somewhere between NZ$ 10,000 and NZ$ 30,000. The living expenses depend upon your location and range between NZ$ 7,000 and NZ$ 12,000 per year. The same depends on your lifestyle and accommodation.

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