Study in China

Study in China

China, being the fourth largest country in the world, is a hub for international

students who throng there for pursuing higher studies. It has the world’s

largest population. It is not only the world’s second largest economy, it is also

the world’s largest growing economy. It is a prominent member of the United

Nations Organisation, being a member of the United Nations Security

Council, and is also a member of many world bodies like the World Trade

Organisation, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation. It is the world’s largest

exporter of goods and the second largest importer of goods. The capital is

Beijing. The currency is Yuan.

The economic growth of China has been phenomenal for the past few decades,

which makes it a sought after destination for students who want to experience

it by staying inside the country. It is not without reason that more than

300000 students from all over the world come to China each year for higher

study. The qualifications attained in China are recognised all over the world,

since they are the most advanced and competitive. The Chinese Government

has signed mutual agreements for acceptance of its educational qualifications

with the United States, France and more than 65 countries.

Chinese cuisine is considered quite healthy compared to other cuisines,

primarily because of its use of natural ingredients. The food varies almost in

every region, that gives you the chance to try different culinary delights. The

Great Wall of China is one of the few sites which can be seen from the moon.

The Li River in Guilin is a well known scenic place in China. The lush green

tea gardens, and the rich architecture that has stood the test of time are only

some of the few reasons why students should opt for China as their favourite

study destination.

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china at a Glance

China, located in East Asia, is a unified multi-ethnic country with Han Chinese as the main natives. China covers a total land area of 9.6 million square km, being the third largest country in the world. It supports 21% of the world's population and has 9% of the world's cultivable land. Most regions are cold and dry in winter and have a warm and rainy in summer. Mandarin is the official language of China. Popular cities of China include Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. It also boasts the most wildlife in the world and some of them are native to China and unique to the world such as giant panda, snub-nosed golden monkey and the Chinese Alligator. The glorious ancient architecture, the splendid landscapes and the hospitable Chinese people have always fascinated visitors since decades.
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Why Study in China?

China’s growing economy over the past three decades has attracted numerous Fortune 500 companies. They have entered the booming regional market and established their Asia-Pacific headquarters consequently increasing the number of career opportunities for international students after the completion of their studies. Visa process is easy, fast and simpler. Experiencing China’s fascinating and historical culture while studying there creates a marvelous work-life balance.
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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
  1. 1.Nankai University, Tianjin


Popular Courses
  1. 1.International Economics and Business
  2. 2.Environmental Management Dual Degree Programme
  3. 3.International Affairs and Public Policy
  4. 4.Translation Studies Dual Degree Programme


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Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Academic IELTS



Cambridge CAE or CPE

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Education Cost in China

Tuition fees in Chinese universities are in the range of US$ 2,000–4,000 per academic year depending on the institution and subject. They are almost 5 times cheaper than UK/US universities and hence far more affordable. Also though prices in China are rising, the cost of living is relatively low. On an average, international students spend about US$ 4,000 for accommodation and US$ 2,000 for other living costs (such as food, transportation, etc.) per year.

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