Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Germany is the most populated country in Europe, with neighbours Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, The Czech Republic and Poland. Germany is a member of world bodies such as The United Nations Organisation, the European Union, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD), G7 and the G20. In several industrial and technological sectors, it has remained world leader for decades. In spite of being a cloudy country, it is the largest producer of solar energy. It is a developed country with a very high standard of living. Berlin is the capital city. Euro is the currency.

German universities are among the best in the world. From business to technology, medicine to engineering, Literature to Philosophy, every stream is exhaustive and the course is updated to meet the market requirements to give the student the cutting edge. The student is groomed to undertake employment in real world scenario during this period. The emphasis on practical aspect of studies adds competitive edge to the calibre of the student. Germany is a place where students from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds come to study. This broadens the mindset of the students and since it is a developed country, gives the student the firsthand practical knowhow on a variety of subjects, which come to use when dealing with a real-life employment or business scenario.

The Black Forest in Germany is one of the rare natural wonders that a student gets to visit during his stay. Germany is also a country with many architectural marvels, notably Neuschwanstein, which is a castle, the Historic Port of Hamburg and Miniatur Wunderland. One common ingredient that is used in almost every German dish is the potato. Different kinds of cakes and tarts are common, and although Apple Strudel, which is the national dish of Austria, is also commonly found here.

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Germany at a Glance

A lot of international students flock to Germany for the tuition free studies in the public universities. It is a politically safe and welcoming country. The cost of living in Germany is reasonable as compared to the other countries in Europe. Germany has a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. It is known as a land of poets and thinkers and has produced many celebrated composers and philosophers. It also boasts of many famous inventions like the automobile. The country has good employment rates and has Europe’s highest economy. Germany also happens to be a leader in climate and energy policies. Popular cities are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt etc.
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Why Study in Germany?

Tuition free education in the public universities of Germany is the number one reason of studying there. Germany offers excellent curricula and infrastructure. More and more degree programs are being offered in English in Germany. It has around 450 state accredited universities that offer 17, 600 degree programs. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a very famous scholarship organization in the offering countless scholarship programs to applicants. German degrees are known for quality and are immensely valued in the job market. The German Visa is valid for 27 Schengen countries including Austria, Denmark, France, Greece and others.
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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
    1. 1.Technical University of Munich
    1. 2.Technical University of Berlin
    1. 3.University of Hagen, Hagen
    1. 4.RWTH Achen University, Achenl
  1. 5.Accadis University of Applied Sciences, Bad Homburg
Popular Courses
    1. 1.Mechanical Engineering
    1. 2.Automotive Engineering
    1. 3.Aeronautical Managemen
    1. 4.Business Administration
  1. 5.Health Administration

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Qualifying Exams & Coaching

GRE for Mechanical/Automobile Engineering



TestDaf for German Language Proficiency

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Education Cost in Germany

The expenses to be incurred for studying in Germany can comprise of tuition fees, living costs and insurance etc. The cost also depends on what degree you are pursuing i.e. Technical, Management etc. and also varies according to the type of institutes i.e. public or private. Most of the technical programs in Germany will not be having any tuition fees and the students would have to pay a minimal amount of approximately € 500 per semester. The living cost in Germany is approximately € 8700 per year. However if the student is going for any of the business programs then the average tuition fee would be approximately € 11000 to € 14000.

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Scholarships to Study in Germany

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