• Is MBBS In Ukraine Worthless?

    • February 20, 2019
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    Being a good ‘Doctor’ , is one of the most noble profession in this era. As this great profession is associated with health , which is perhaps the most vital aspect in our life.
    Unfortunately in our country , the scope to pursue medical course is bounded in many terms. There are very few seats in government and private medical institutions.Also the fees for private colleges are beyond skyscraper.
    But in every aspect of our life we need to find a path , as it is correctly said , “Where there’s a will , there’s a way”. And the way is nowhere , but UKRAINE. A beautiful destination located in Eastern Europe is just the right click to pursue MBBS course. The auspicious country makes to feel like home and fills with full of charm and beauty of delightness.
    The best part to choose this country is the education pattern.Unlike India, Ukraine delivers a comprehensive practical system of study. The education pattern of this country makes a nice surrounding and develops a great scope for an​ individual.
    In India,​ where the class size is huge​,​ here the class size only consist of 12-14 students. Before every practical class,​ the specific topics lecture is delivered which make the study more easier.
    In Ukraine, there are several government universities which are 150-200 years old and has experienced faculty. The duration, of course, is 6 years which involves two main exams at an equal gap during the course.
    Unlike India, the student who wants to study mbbs in Ukraine didn’t has extra pressure and student enjoys complete exposure. Being in a foreign country,​ the student develops their life skill goals,​they become more global and accountable,​ the exposure in Ukraine builds the leadership quality of the individual.
    Ukraine follows the “Bologna” study pattern which is widely accepted all over Europe. All the universities here are recognised by nearly every prestigious institution like WHO and MCI. The student here get extra material to prepare for examination like PLAB , USMLE and MCI. The medium of instruction is English and makes no barrier of language.
    The geographic of the country is fantastic , it’s not less than a heaven. Snows , Mountains , Oceans enhances it’s a glory. The country is highly safe and shares borders with European countries like Poland , Bulgaria and Romania.
    The students studying here has a very nice opportunity to settle either in Ukraine or other European nation. The cost of the study here is low and annual fees is 4000-4500 $. The cost of living is also easily affordable.
    There are more than 15,000 Indian students are currently seeking education in Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev,​ whose beauty is just spectacular and speechless.
    Students after finishing their MBBS course can easily appear for FMGE ( MCI exam ) and has a bright future ahead. ​So it’s just worthless to spend crores in India to pursue MBBS course.
    I personally invite all who wants to pursue MBBS and dreams to become a good Doctor, the destination is just Ukraine. After finishing the course,​ I bet you will find the decision the most right,​ effective and worthful.

    Dr. Chinmay Pandey


  • Suresh singh February 20, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    I am agree with the views of dr.chinmay pandey .

  • Anil verma at 12:33 pm

    Ukraine is One OF the top most destination to study MEDICINE in Europe. Universities having EXPERIENCE of more than 150 years in making global doctor’S. International exposure with experienced faculties.

  • Avnish at 12:33 pm

    Very well said
    It will help to all who think to quit mbbs in lack of knowledge and decision making ability



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