Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in Europe with neighbours Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. A Lithuanian earns more than the average person of Africa, Latin America and most countries in Asia. Oil refining is the main industry, in addition to Information Technology(IT), manufacturing and technology. It is a safe country with low crime rate. It is a member of the United Nations Organisation, European Union, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD) and the Council of Europe. It is a very human development country, according to the United Nations. Vilnius is the capital city. Lita is the currency, although Euro is also commonly used.

Currently, there are students from over 30 countries studying in Lithuania. It is a popular destination for the study of medicine, because of the emphasis on practical aspect of the subjects taught and the latest knowledge of developments in research. It is also a prominent study destination for laser technologies, biotechnology and Information Technology(IT). Additionally, if a student can portray his competence, then the tuition fees will be paid for by the Government, which acts as encouragement for students to strive for excellence. All courses are taught in English, even though Lithuanian is the local language, which closely resembles Sanskrit.

For leisure, students can stroll around Vilnius old town, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, or take a trip to Trakai, which is a lake resort. There are parks which can soothe your senses, like the Kursiu Nerija National Park or the Grutas Park. The country is a food paradise, with beetroot soup called Saltibarsciai and potato pancakes. Other than meat and fish, potato and cabbage is quite popular and you will get to taste many gastronomic flavours of this surprisingly unique country. A variety of cakes are available, like the fried curd cake and Raguolis, a traditional Lithuanian cake served on special occasions.

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Lithuania at a Glance

Lithuanians are one of the ethnic groups in the Baltic region. While Lithuania has a population of about 2 944 459 people, there are at least another million living in other countries, with Lithuanians located in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The native language is Lithuanian, which is one of two living Baltic languages. An interesting fact about the language is that as far back as the beginning of the 19th-century people found many similarities between Lithuanian and Sanskrit. Linguists around the world are still fascinated that the Lithuanian language has retained features of this ancient language and it hasn't simplified much. The academic year starts in September and ends in mid-June and is divided into two semesters – spring and autumn. The students can opt to study full-time or part-time. Each study program is evaluated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), with each year of study being awarded 60 ECTS credits.
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Why Study in Finland?

Lithuania offers high-quality education without having the requirement of knowing Lithuanian language. The living and education cost is affordable as compared to any other European countries and it is known to offer numerous innovative programs. Also, the international students get the opportunity to work part-time for not less than 20 hours per week, which helps them to support their living. You don’t need the IELTS for studying in Lithuania. That’s not all, the Lithuanian programs are recognized all across the world, which is offered with excellent academic and research facilities. Above all, it ranks high on the Human Develop Index, thus giving the international students enough reasons to study at this destination.
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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
    1. 1.Vilnius University, Vilnius
  1. 2.SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, Vilnius
Popular Courses
    1. 1.Bachelors in Management and Business Administration
    1. 2.International Business
    1. 3.Tourism and Hotels
  1. 4.Masters in Finance
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Qualifying Exams & Coaching

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Lithuania Education Cost

The Lithuanian education cost vary from university to the other depending up on the level of studies and study program as chosen by the international student. Generally universities announce their tuition fees annually. On an average, the Bachelor studies in Lithuania from 2200 to 6500 EUR per year, while the Master studies can range from 7100 to 8500 EUR per year. Also, the tuition fees also vary as per the nationality of the International Student.
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