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Study MBBS in Ukraine


Ukraine is one of the top countries for Indian students to study MBBS. Easy Admission Process, Low Tuition Fee and other Cheap Cost are the main considered things by Indian to obtain MBBS in Ukraine. Ukraine is a European Country located with bordering Russia to the east, Slovakia & Hungary to the west, Poland to the north-west, Belarus to the north, Romania to the south-west & south. As the 2nd largest country in Europe, Ukraine is the 4th country with having the largest number of postgraduates in Medicine. There are many government medical universities offering MBBS degree, MD, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and other medicine degrees to international and local students. All of the Ukrainian Medical Universities are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, and other International Organization.


It is possible to search by country here to make certain you get the most recent results. The nation has no nuclear weapons. It offers a quality education that is affordable. You have likely been researching where you wish to go, what you wish to study, how you’re likely to afford this, and standard college tips also. There are a lot of things you need to understand before you head off to college, literally or figuratively based on what kind of college you pick. When thinking about a college to attend in Ukraine take a good look at the government Medical colleges in Ukraine. The Medical colleges in Ukraine also provide many evening classes along with classes off campus in more compact communities. 


All the colleges in Ukraine are  MCI-approved. The majority of the Ukrainian medical colleges are found in the list of top 100 medical colleges of the planet. Some students study to find certificate only, but there are no such schools in Ukraine which actually assisting such behaviors to happen, which is completely contradictory to the actual aim of education. The earlier you begin searching for Medical Universities in Ukraine the faster your very first MBBS Degree going to be finished.If you believe you are in university to find excellent grades and find a diploma, then welcome to Ukraine.


Moreover, Ukraine universities offer hostel accommodation to each student coming from the other nation. It’s beneficial if university connected to satisfy the requirements.The student has to be over the age of 17 years and below age 25 years on 31st December of the year of admission to attend the MBBS in Ukraine class. The students must also search for high patient inflow. Potential medical students may benefit from the health care programs provided by the country as it was designed for English speaking people. During your MBBS in Ukraine programme, the students are encouraged to get involved in several seminars and worldwide conferences.

The students who wants to do MBBS in Ukraine aren’t required to pass any entrance examination to acquire admission in a Medical University in Ukraine. Most of the students actually feel not to change their medical schools as they are getting far more quality education than what they expected. Secondly, some students struggle in each semester to work out ways to cover their backlogs as initially, they were not very serious about their studies.
While studying in Ukraine universities, you’re most likely to find yourself meeting students from over 100 countries of the planet. Recently, an increasing number of students wish to study MBBS abroad due to a lot of explanations. The student doesn’t need to pay any donation along with no need to provide any entrance test. Actually, a large part of a student’s life usually revolves around the element of allowance.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?


– Easy Admission process for Indian Students.
– High Quality of MBBS Education.
– Ukrainian MBBS Degree is recognized worldwide.
– Low Tuition Fee.
– Cheap living cost.
– The language of instruction is English for foreign students.
– Study in Multicultural environment with other countries students.


MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine


– MBBS in Ukraine degree duration is 6 years.
– Dental course duration – 5 years.
– Nursing course duration is 2 years.
– Pediatrics course duration is 6 years.
– Post Graduate MBBS course duration is 2 -3 years.
– Dental Orthopedic Course duration is 2 years.

Cost to Study MBBS in Ukraine


– MBBS Tuition Fee – 2,50000 INR to 3,50000 INR/ Year.*
– Accommodation Cost – 55,000 INR / Year.*
– Food – 60,000 INR / Year.*
* Approximately, To know exactly cost to study MBBS in Ukraine, contact with us.

Eligibility of Indian Students for MBBS admission in Ukraine


Intermediate or 12 Grade completion with Minimum 50% marks in science subjects:
1) Physics – minimum 50%
2) Chemistry- minimum 50%
3) Biology – minimum 50%


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Top 20 Medical Universities in Ukraine


1.Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv.
2.Blacksea State Medical University, Mykolaiv.
3.Odessa National Medical University,Odessa.
4.Vinnytsia National Medical University, Vinnytsia.
5.Donetsk National Medical University,Mariupol.
6.Zaporozhye State Medical University,Zaporozhye.
7.Sumy State Medical University, Sumy.
8.Ivano Frankvisk National Medical University,Ivano Frankvisk.
9.Uzhgorod State Medical University, Uzhgorod.
10.Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, Kyiv.
11.Ternopil State Medical University, Ternopil.
12.Poltava State Medical University, Poltava.
13.V.N. Karazin Medical University,Kharkov.
14.Lviv National Medical University,Lviv.
15.Kharkov National Medical University, Kharkov.
16.Bukovinian State Medical University, Chernivtsi.
17.Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University, Dnipropetrovsk.
18.Donetsk National Medical University,Kirovograd.
19. Donetsk National Medical University: Chernigiv.
20.Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,Kyiv.

There are more Universities to complete MBBS from Ukraine, will let you know during counseling session.


MBBS In Ukraine Tuition fees 2019 and other costs of Top Medical Universities in Ukraine.


O O Bogomolets National Medical University

First-year Tuition Fees: US$ 4500.
2nd year to 6th-year Tuition Fees: US$ 4500 each year.
Food : US$1000.
Hostel Fees: US$ 1200.

Ivano Frankvisk National Medical University,Ivano Frankvisk

First-year Tuition Fees: US$ 4000.
The second year to the Sixth year Tution Fees: US$ 4000 each year.
Food cost will be (appox) : US$1000.
Hostel Charge : US$ 1200.

Kharkov National Medical University,Kharkov

First year MBBS course Tution Fees: US$ 4800.
From the Second year to Sixth year Tution Fees: US$ 4800 each year.
Food cost (appox) : US$1000.
Hostel Charge: US$ 1200.

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM,Kyiv

1st-year Tuition Fees: USD$ 3500.
From the Second year to Sixth year Tuition Fees: US$ 3500 each year.
Food expenses (appox) : US$1000.
Hostel expenses : US$ 1200.

Odessa National Medical University,Odessa

1st-year Tuition Fees: USD$ 4370.
2nd – 6th-year Tuition Fees: US$ 4550-5800 each year.
Food expenses (appox) : US$1000.
Hostel expenses: USD 1200.

Note:These costs are estimated for your information, actual tuition fees or course fees, hostel charge, food and other expenses will let you know during the counseling session. 

The Process of admission for mbbs Study in Ukraine.


First Step:Apply for Invitation Letter

You will need to apply with the following documents for Invitation Letter
– 10th class mark sheet photocopy.
– 12th class mark sheet photocopy.
-The scan of passport.
– NEET Score Card

Note:All educational documents are needed to attest by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. 

Second Step: Get Invitation Letter

Students have to submit all the above mentioned(First Step) Original documents in the nearest branch of EUMEC. The university will receive all documents and send an Invitation letter, we will take initiative to get an invitation letter from the university and bring it to the students. 

Third Step: Apply for Visa

After receiving the Invitation letter from the Medical University, the student will be processed for Visa. Following are the documents required to get Visa.

– 10th class mark sheet (Original).
– 12th class mark sheet (Original).
– Passport (Original).
– NEET Score Card(Original)
– Birth certificate (Original
– Recent photos 10 copies.
– Medical report.
– Bank statement. 

Fourth Step: Get Visa

After receiving a visa student has to clear all the dues of consultancy charges and visa processing fees (as per the agreement)etc. 

Fifth Step: Collection of original documents

After getting visa students has to collect all the original documents which he/she submitted in the office. It is students responsibility to take all the original documents back. 

Sixth Step: Arrival In Ukraine

After receiving all the documents in original students has to book the flight ticket from India to Ukraine. After arrival in Ukraine, our staff will come to the airport for receiving and take students from the airport to the University hostel.


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FAQ on MBBS in Ukraine


Ques: How much Cost to study mbbs in ukraine Govt Medical College?

Ans: Minimum cost is $4000 and maximum $7000 to study mbbs in Ukraine.


Ques: What is MBBS course Duration in Ukraine?

Ans: Medicine course duration is 6 years and Dental Course Duration is 5 in Ukraine.


Ques: Which one is the cheapest medical school in ukraine?

Ans:The cheapest tuition fees medical university is Zaporozhye State Medical University.


Ques: How to get mbbs admission in ukraine from India?

Ans: It is very easy to get admission in Ukraine from India by applying online through our website or visit to our nearest branch office .


Ques: Advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine?

Ans:There are many advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine.For instance students who will graduate from Ukraine can get the opportunity to find job in USA or other European Countries like Germany.


Ques: What are the main languages are used in Ukraine?

Ans: English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Ques: Is it mandatory to qualify for IELTS or TOEFL for admission in Ukraine?

Ans: No. you do not need to complete IELTS or TOEFL.


Ques: Can I apply for work permit after completeting MBBS Degree?

Ans: Yes, you can apply.


Ques: Can I pay Tuition fee in 2 or 3 instalments?

Ans: Yes, You can pay tuition fee in instalments.


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