Study in Russia

Study in Russia

MBBS in Russia may be a perfect choice for such students. MBBS in Russia provides a great package of high quality education and affordable fees structure. MBBS in Russia concentrates on the extensive development of the aspirants but the total evolution of their knowledge in their various fields.

Medical study in Russia is quite simple for a standard student because any student from the other side of the globe can take direct MBBS admission with no entrance exam. It is very easy for a normal student because any student from all over the globe can take direct MBBS Admission without any entrance exam. Medicine study in Russia for worldwide students is an increasing trend in the previous decades.

With a large number of health universities, Russia is amidst the health care hub for foreign students. In the last couple of years, it has become a hotbed for young Malaysians who wish to pursue a career in medicine. It has perpetually been ahead within the field of education and a lot of specific medication. Over the period of time, it has become a popular destination for medical studies because of the teaching standards and low fee. It has a long reputation for​ merging high-quality​ education with affordable and trustworthy training. Diversity Russia is a rather diverse nation.

Russia is noa ​w popular destination for Indian Students who want to pursue MBBS since 25 decades. So it isn’t only about Russia. Russia is globally famous for its developed and superior education system. It is home to some of the most prestigious medical universities in the world. Among the whole European medical universities,​ it is quite affordable study abroad destination for international students. Russia, the world’s biggest nation is among the most popular destinations among the aspirants who wish to study MBBS in abroad.

Russia is the biggest country of the planet by land area and it’s also referred to as Russia Federation. Given the fact that it has the lowest fees structure and affordable cost of living, it becomes the right choice for MBBS aspirants. It is one of the first choices​ for MBBS among Indians. It provides the best quality education that increases the intellectual level of students and makes them globally acceptable. It is the largest country in the world. It is one of the most favorite​ destinations for pursuing higher education in the world.

Russia happens to be home to a number of the most effective medical colleges of the planet. It is undoubtedly the top destination for Indian students when it comes to studying MBBS abroad. Best reasons to study in Russia is that almost all of the Russian Universities are listed in the very best medical universities on the planet in the area of Medicine, Engineering and Management. At 17,125,200 square kilometers, it is the biggest nation on the planet by land area. It is one of the most powerful, technologically-advanced and educated countries in the world. It is also one of the Best Option for the Students who wish to Study MBBS in Abroad. Russia, part of the BRICS nations, is among the fastest growing economies on the planet.

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Russia at a Glance

Russia is a highly developed country with the world’s fifth highest per capita income. Nearly one-fourth of the population in Russia is born in another country. Russia is a friendly place and the residents are passionate about sports, food, and entertainment. The famous cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. The Russian continent experiences a variety of climates due to its size. The temperature can range from below zero in the Snowy Mountains in the south to extreme heat in the Kimberley region in the north-west.

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Why Study in Russia?

Russian universities are recognized worldwide with good ratings for the quality of teaching, research and graduate employment. Russia offers bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, diplomas, master’s degree and doctorate degrees. The Universities provide an environment that promote innovation, independent thought, and creativity. Students can work part time for 20 hours per week while pursuing education. The international students get two years of post-study work visa allowing them to work in Russia. Russia excels in areas like science, technology, business, education, humanities and research. Graduates from Russia successfully find jobs in the market.

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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
  1. 1.Macquarie University
  2. 2.RMIT University, Melbourne
  3. 3.Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  4. 4.University of South Russia, Adelaide
  5. 5.Deakin University, Melbourne
  6. 6.Griffith University


Popular Courses
  1. 1.Information Technology and Information System
  2. 2.Computer Engineering
  3. 3.Mechanical Engineering
  4. 4.Civil and Structural Engineering
  5. 5.Planning and Architecture


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Russia Education Cost

The study cost depends on what degree you want to pursue i.e.diploma, bachelors, masters or ph.d and also varies according to the ranking of the university. The the average cost of study in Russia is between A$ 24000- A$ 36000 per year for Under-Graduate Courses and Post-Graduate Courses. Krishna Consultants provides assistance related to Education Loan which can help plan your finances.

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