Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state with one main island and 62 islets. Since it is a citystate, Singapore is both the country and the capital. It is a member of Commonwealth of Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement(NAM). Changi Airport has been designated the “World’s Best Airport” for many consecutive years. Same goes for the Port of Singapore which has been considered “The Maritime Capital” for many years. It is considered the world’s safest city, world’s smartest city, the world’s most “Technology-ready” nation, etc. It is the third most competitive country, third largest foreign exchange market and the fourth healthiest country. Its national airline, Singapore Airlines is considered the ‘world’s best airline.” Citizens of Singapore have “Visa-free access” or “Visa-free arrival” to around 188 countries in the world. The currency is Singapore Dollar.


Each year, students from around 30 countries come to Singapore. It has the third highest per capita Gross Domestic Product. It is a world leader in business, healthcare, finance and many other sectors. All the courses are conducted in English which make it competitive option as compared to other English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. It is the world’s best place to study business management. It is the world’s third best place for higher studies.


Singapore is a place where one can witness and experience cultures of both the East and the West. There are places to visit that will enhance the mindset of everyone who attempts to embrace Singapore. Bukit Bakot Hill, Kusu island along with beaches such as Pasir Ris beach, Changi beach, etc. are good places to chill after a tired day. The food of Singapore is an amalgamation of Indian and South-East Asian food which are sure to water the tastebuds of anyone who tries them.

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Singapore at a Glance

Singapore has an equatorial humid climate with a lot of beaches on the island. With its rich multicultural heritage, it is home to expats from all over the world. The citizens of Singapore are considered as the highest paid in the world and it is one of the safest countries to stay in. Singapore is counted among world's best tourist destinations with its wildlife conservation and off shore islands. Singapore is popularly known as the business hub of Asia. Its picturesque skyline, architecture and museums are great places to visit.
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Why Study in Singapore?

The Universities in Singapore are globally recognized and encourage independent learning. It is one of the best places to pursue a business degree. It has a lot of employment prospects for international students. The student experience in Singapore is truly global because of the numerous collaborations that its institutes have with other universities around the world. It has a reputation that is well known among the employers around the world.
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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
  1. 1.S P Jain School of Global Management
  2. 2.SIM Global Education
  3. 3.Curtin University of Technology
  4. 4.James Cook University
  5. 5.Management Development Institute of Singapore


Popular Courses
  1. 1.Computing and Information Technology
  2. 2.Business Management
  3. 3.Mechanical Engineering
  4. 4.Design (Fashion, Interior, Game) Management
  5. 5.Hospitality and Tourism Management
  6. 6.Engineering and Science


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Education Cost in Singapore

The cost of education in Singapore is linked to the level of study. On an average, it varies from S$ 8000 to S$ 30,000. Diploma courses cost the least and the cost for bachelors and masters courses are on the higher side. Living expenses including commodities like accommodation, meals, transport and entertainment sum up to S$ 35,573.

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Scholarships to Study in Singapore

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