Study in South Africa

Study in South Africa

Africa is the second largest continent with a lot of countries to chose from to
study. It is also the most populous continent after Asia. Almost the entire
Africa was under colonial rule and all the countries got freedom to grow
independently last century. Almost all the countries are members of
prominent world bodies like the United Nations Organisation, Non-Aligned
Movement, etc., whereas some of them are exclusive members of bodies like
the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC). South Africa has
the largest gold mine ever discovered. Africa contains some of the richest
diamond mines in the world, in Botswana.
Ghana’s capital Accra is a potential place for students who want to study
International relations and business. Countries like China and France have
established businesses here, and it would be worthwhile to explore the
reasons for them. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is another great place for
business and economics students, and is home to many international
businesses. Egypt is yet another preferred place to study for international
students as different universities from America and Europe have set up their
campuses here. Johannesburg and Cape Town are the most sought after
places in Africa for study by international students because they aim at
getting employment after their course of study.
For any student, who studies in any country in Africa, it will be an
unforgettable experience. From the Pyramids in Egypt to the Kakum National
Park in Ghana, The Palace of Oba of Benin to the Kruger National Park in
South Africa, where you can see African elephants, your time in Africa will
nevertheless, will remain an enriching and unforgettable experience. The food
all across Africa is spicy, for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers, and
for those with a sweet tooth, you will get to experience the culinary delights of
a yet unexplored continent.

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South Africa at a Glance

South Africa is located at the southern-most tip of the African continent apart from being known as the land of beauty and adventure. Thanks to its diverse landscape comprising of mountains, deserts, and forests along with the 3,000 kilometres of rocky coastline, which makes South Africa as the centre of attraction for many reasons. The wildlife native to this country is among the most innovative in the world ranging from dung beetles to whales. With its sunny and warm weather, it remains comfortable all across the year giving ample of time to enjoy outdoor activities. Besides, it is also called as the Rainbow Nation for several African ethnic groups along with their diverse cultures and creeds.

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Why Study in South Africa?

South Africa is regarded as the next best study abroad places. The country has some of the best universities and excellent institutions. The African Business School in South Africa is the first to receive the AACSB accreditation. Only 5% of the world's total business programs have received this accreditation and the B School from South Africa is one of them. Some of the South African Universities rank in the world’s top 200 rankings. This speaks volumes about the quality education giving away diverse programs covering a broad range of specialization. The country offers one of the best education with its world class universities in the entire African continent.

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Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities/ITPs
  1. 1.Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland


Popular Courses
  1. 1.Chemical Engineering
  2. 2.Computational Engineering
  3. 3.Energy Technology
  4. 3.Mechanical Engineering


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Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Academic IELTS



Cambridge CAE or CPE

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South Africa Education Cost

The cost of education in South Africa will depend upon the university and program you have chosen (undergraduate, Master's or Ph.D. programs). So, depending upon the program and university, the cost will vary from one case to the other. The average cost of the education in South Africa is R 6000 to R 8000, which is around 500 to 950 US dollars a year. You can contact Krishna Consultants to get assistance related to Education Loan which can help plan your finance.
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Scholarships to Study in South Africa



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