Travel Insurance is for the person who are travelling in India and Aboard. You may travel with your friends or family on a vacation. You are planning to travel for business purpose, enjoying vacation with your beloved one or studying aboard. Its important for you to buy a travel insurance plan to be benefited from losses that might occur during your tour.

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Types of Travel Insurances

•  Domestic Travel Insurance plan.
•  International Travel Insurance plan.
•  Student Travel Insurance plan
•  Healthcare Travel Insurance plan
•  Travel Insurance for a Group.
•  Aged Person Travel Insurance.
•  Family Travel Insurance.
•  Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan
•  Single Trip Travel Insurance
•  Corporate Travel Insurance plan

Travel insurance covers in the following situations

•  Accidental & sickness medical expenses
•  Losses or delay of Baggage.
•  Delay your trip or cancellation.
•  Loss or stolen your Passport.
•  Emergency Medical test.
•  Missed flights

Benefits of Travel Insurance

•  Hospitalization expenses
•  Support Medical Emergency
•  Medical Evacuation
•  Dental Treatment
•  Personal Accident
•  Loss of Baggage
•  Baggage Delay
•  Trip Delay
•  Missed Flight
•  Loss of Passport
•  Trip Cancellation
•  Personal Liability
•  Domestic services
•  Alternative transport
•  Theft of cash, travelers chaques and travel documents
•  Credit Card fraud and replacement
•  Stress-free Stays
•  Coverage in Remote Areas

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