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We are one of the top educational consultants in India. We assist students to study in European countries. As we are one of the youngest educational consultants but second to none if best services are the parameter to judge. We at European Medical Education Centre (EUMEC) provides facilities for those students who want to study in Europe for MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, MARINE ENGINEERING, AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING, OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING, BBA, MBA, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, ECONOMICS, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, computer science, ACCOUNTING etc degree. We provide educational services from very beginning to very end, it means we make things simple for the students

Popular Courses Available for Indian Students in Ukraine-Europe What do you want to study in Europe?

Perfect for Indian Students Do you want to Study in Europe?

  • Study in Europe

    Ukraine is one of the top literate countries in Europe. The government of Ukraine gives special attention to the education sector to build up the ground level for contribution in the development. Students who like to study in Europe can select Ukraine as an educational institution in Ukraine follows an international standard curriculum. Students all of the world try to study in Ukraine. Like the Indian, If you want to study in Europe, your first choice would be Ukraine.

  • Myths And Facts About Studying Abroad

    No doubt that studying in abroad is generally higher than studying in India. The expenses will vary depending on various factors such as the University, duration of the course, location and so on. However, if you finance well with complete planning, your dream of studying abroad will not seem like a burden at all. Act cautiously and skip out on superfluous expenses by being practical and minimalistic. Moreover, you can become involved in on-campus jobs, research assistance, teaching assistance, and other options to add bells-and-whistles to your income. After completing your education from abroad, there are numerous opportunities to

  • Ukraine Visa Requirements

    Ukraine is the country in Europe where students need minimum documents for student visa. We will manage Invitation letter from the selected university in Ukraine for you. You should have followings documents: Original Passport, Higher Secondary School Certificate or Bachelor level certificate for Masters level, or Masters Certificate for PhD level study, Transcripts, Birth Certificate, Medical Test certificate with No AIDS/HIV mentioned, Physical and Mental fitness certificate, Sponsorship Letter from Parents or Guardian, Bank Statement and Eight (8) Passport size recent photos.

  • Study MBBS in Europe

    To study MBBS in European countries you must completed 12 grade with good marks. Some of the countries do not require IELTS or TOEFL. Normally processing time of MBBS for European countries about 45 to 60 days. Tuition fees to study in Europe is minimum US$4000 per year and maximum US$7000/year. Minimum Living Cost is about $17/month, Duration of MBBS Course is 5 years and 1 year for interns. You must know English language to study in European countries.

  • What Parents should know about studying in Europe

    Every parents should know details about the education before sending his/her child to study in Europe. Though is not easy for most of the Indian parents to collect information of his/her child studying in European counties, we ask parents to contact with us to know more details about the child education plan including- Name of the University, reputation or history, years of completion, tuition fees, safety, accommodation, food, requirements, documents, future planning, child capability to stay outside the house and more. Contact us for more details.


    There are thousands of students pass 12th grade with high GPA in India. Some of fortunate students can study in government medical colleges in India due to shortage of seats. On the other hand, private medical colleges in India charge high price to complete MBBS degree. Thus, many students want to study in Europe to complete MBBS or other undergraduate degree. MBBS in Ukraine

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Study and Work Program

Bachelor of Business Administration, abbreviated as BBA, comprises of four years, in which after completing two years, the student has the option of carrying forward his studies in a European country like Latvia, or the USA. Commencing his studies in Ukraine places him in a position to absorb the understanding of the Ukrainian economic machinery […]

Students Testimonials

  • My name is Rajat Shakya. I took admission in the year 2015-16 in Odessa National Medical University with the help of European Medical Education Centre.I like their commitment towards giving best services.Read more

    Dr.Rajat, Europe
  • I am studying in Bogomolets National Medical University and wanna thank European Medical Education Centre(EUMEC). It is one of the best consultancies for admission in Ukraine. I didn't got any problem during my process to take admission because of EUMEC Read more

    Dr.Chandan, Europe
  • I am a 3rd year mbbs student at Odessa medical university in Ukraine. I am very thankful to the European Medical Education Centre as they are doing what they promised to help throughout our MBBS Degree.Read more

    Dr.Arun, Europe
  • I am a second-year mbbs student at National Medical University in Kiev, Ukraine. My consultancy company named European Medical Education Centre is best known for study Mbbs in Ukraine. They are expert in clearing doubts and giving accurate information about study in Ukraine.

    Dr.Chinmay, Europe
  • I am Shakir Ali and I would like to thank European Medical Education Centre for guiding me in the best possible way. I am currently studying in 2nd year. They helped us from very beginning to very end in getting admission in Ukraine.

    Dr. Shakir Ali , Europe

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